I believe total wellness can be achieved naturally with a targeted combination of nutrition, natural remedies, exercise, and patented bodywork treatments. Read what some of my patients have to say.


"I have been working with Dr Leary for only the past 6 months, but the results have already been life changing.
As an actor, I pride myself on doing my own stunts in television and film - yet there have been times where I haven’t fully assessed the physical circumstances of some of these stunts. While filming in New Orleans in the summer of 2018, I threw out my back/neck while performing a stunt. Two days later I had a movie premiere and couldn’t turn my head in any direction. I went to Jonathan desperately seeking some healing. His understanding of the body is so profound, that not only did he fully alleviate the pain and reestablish my mobility, but he calmed me down mentally and clarified where the pain was coming from and how it would shift and eventually evaporate over the next 48 hours. Needless to say, he’s a psychic, and was 100% correct and I was completely pain free for my premiere!
I will forever seek Dr Leary for his services. Not only does he fix any and all of my physical ailments, but he also puts my mind at ease with concise, positive reinforcement and clear instruction on what steps and practices are necessary to take to prevent further pain moving forward."


I’ve been working with Dr. J since October 2017. My primary reason for initially wanting to work with him was because of a back issue I had. Not only did he help me fix the problem, he has helped me to significantly improve my posture, mobility, range of motion and flexibility as well.
After seeing these results, I decided to take it one step further and undergo the blood work tests. The findings, coupled with Dr. Jon’s detailed explanation of everything have really helped me to understand the inner workings of my body.
Dr. John’s personalized 360-degree approach is what sets him apart from any other doctor/nutritionist I have ever worked with!


I am not exaggerating or being over dramatic when I say Dr. Leary has been an absolute life saver...

I am not only an active person, but I also like to push myself to extremes and test the limits from a 360 degree, mind, body and soul perspective. My regular activities are: Mix martial arts training, Surfing, Yoga, Weight / Strength training and generally whatever other activity I can find to beat myself up…So due to me pushing myself physically on top of my aging body (48 years old this year) I found myself to be in chronic physical pain. It got so bad that I started to get very concerned about how I would be able to live my life going forward without either giving up on the things I love to do or just living in constant chronic pain. To list the issues: Both wrists, Left elbow, Both knees, Left ankle, Left foot, Lower back, Very tight hips, Sciatic nerve, IT band, Right shoulder, Tight upper neck, Broken left collar bone.

In less than a months time of treatment, Dr. Leary not only gave me hope, but was also able to literally fix most all of my issues! Now I see him on a regular weekly basis and cannot wait to get my treatment especially after a rough weekend... And that is why I say, “Life Saver”!!!


I have found a new dynamic freedom in my body and a deeper more objective understanding of myself in a very short period of time working with Dr J. I am in my mid forties, and although I am fit and active, working long hours as an entrepreneur with a daily exercise regiment took a toll on me. I had back, hip and neck issues, plus a lack of energy and some stomach blotting. In my first meeting with Dr Leary he helped demystify so much about how the body functions, and he gave me some clear, precise and easily understandable information about how it all works. Within 4 weeks of working with him, I started to experience my body in a very different way. I lost a lot of the aches and pains, plus my motivation and energy levels increased. After 3 months of working together he did a comprehensive analysis of my blood, providing very specific action steps of how to improve some of the internal deficiencies. Beside the extra energy, less pain and more flexibility I have strong sense of peace, knowing more accurately how my body works and what I need to be more mindful about.


I first started working with Jon a year and a half ago after suffering a back injury prior to the Snow Polo World Cup in Kitzbuhel, Austria. After being almost entirely immobile, Jon managed to get me back into playing shape within 1 week through a series of one-on-one sessions and daily exercises. After dealing with the acute issues we started working more holistically on a pre-hab approach to address imbalances from years of training, injuries, surgeries and competing. He also did a full analysis of my blood work to assess nutrition and over all wellness. Our plan together and his general approach has always been simple and relatively easy to follow. He simplifies new health and wellness practices for me to follow effectively. I haven't felt better and have recommended him to numerous athletes and my entire family. I look forward to working with him for a long time to come.


My Bodyfixer! @Dr.Jonathan.Leary getting me back on track!


didn’t realize how bad my range of motion was until I met Jonathan. I knew I had to work on my flexibility but boy did he fix that for me! Through regular adjustments and a great stretching regimen that Jonathan laid out for me, I materially improved my mobility. As a result I have much better work outs and feel so much more flexible.


@dr.jonathan.leary continues to fix my life! Every time I'm in LA, he's my first call. There's no better feeling than one of his treatments after a long flight. I always leave with no pain, no stiffness and I'm more flexible than ever. My only problem with him is that he doesn't have a double in NYC. Hands down the best doctor I've ever been to!


"When I met Dr. Leary last summer, I didn't think that I would ever heal completely from my dislocated hip. I had so many limitations, I wasn't able to workout, I was no longer able to run & it was so frustrating that every specialist I went to had no solutions and they never got me pain free. However, within the first three treatments with Jonathan, and doing his homework, I was back to 100%. I have been working with Jonathan ever since, we have done my blood work, he has put me on one of his healthier lifestyle program and now we focus on preventative care and performance. If your body hurts, you're in great hands!"


I cannot put into words how much you have helped me, my family and so many of our friends. I was suffering neck pain and 50% loss of strength on me left side. After trying a mix of western and eastern modalities for almost a year, I had no sustained alleviation of pain or return of strength. In just a few weeks I was pain free and a few months later, I am well on my way to regaining strength without meds or surgery. More than anything, you have given me the knowledge that being fit is not the same as being healthy. We have learned so much from you and we have just touched the surface. You are more than a medical provider; you are a lifelong friend and part of our family. And I know you make all of your patients feel the same way. Thank you.


I've been living with severe pain and suffering from Degenerative Disc, Joint and Nerve issues for many years! I really thought I was going to be suffering for the rest of my life and would never be able to exercise again until I met DR Jonathan Leary my restorative trainer, Chiropractor and dear friend! He's put me on the path to recovery without meds and is the most amazing Chiropractors! I'm now living again and most of my pain has gone away and I've been able to shed a lot of the weight as well! Thank you Jonathan Leary I finally feel like myself again and I can continue building my empire thanks to you!


From opening my eyes to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to providing me with the encouragement necessary to achieve success, there are not enough words that can describe the ways in which Jon has influenced my life. He is the perfect example of passion, hard work, intelligence, and determination. Jon's knowledge and encouragement have motivated me over the past few years and I have been truly inspired by his accomplishments. His positive attitude and limitless enthusiasm are contagious and do not go unnoticed. Trusting Jon's advice was the best thing I've ever done for myself and I cannot wait for the world to see his level of commitment that I have seen in him for years.


After the birth of my son I personally knew I needed to become a healthier, more active person not just for my son but for myself. Being a mom is not easy so trying to better myself was going to take time, hard work, and a game plan. Jonathan was my go to, having known him for years I knew his heart is behind his work. He listened to me and he understood how important this was to me. I suffered a set back by breaking my foot, it was Jonathan's words of encouragement and his simple tricks to get my body moving and my nutrition where it needed to be while I was down and out. He got me in the best shape of my life and it took me weeks to build the courage to do it, and I was amazed to say the least. My diet has changed dramatically, with Jonathan's guidance I realized I don't need nor do I like the way I feel when I eat "crap". I truly believe i couldn't have done this all without Jonathan, I know the information he has given me is safe, healthy and for me and my needs. Jonathan can help you feel better then ever!


First of all, I want to brag about you because four months ago I was in so much pain that I went for my MRI, I was struggling through the day and I couldn’t host the show. For two months I just laid on the floor and that was it! Four months later my body is finally restored. I am so happy and I’m having more fun hosting the show than I have ever had before. Thank you for all your help!


"When I started seeing DR Leary at a friend's recommendation, I had suffered 2 neck injuries, that were sprains in nature, and several back spasms that had left my entire spine locked up, chronically inflamed (mostly lower back), stiff and I lost my ability to move freely.

Needles to say I am a dancer, acro yogi, and I made my living as a personal trainer in Pilates, Gyrotonic method and functional training. To make this very long story short, I was not able to work anymore, I was in pain all the time and suffering panic attacks almost constantly.

I was depressed, having very dark thoughts, panic attacks, and hopeless.

Dr Leary came to see me and this man, as my mom says, was God sent. First his level of listening and compassion was off the charts and really moved me and impressed me. He took the time to listen to my entire story.

Dr Leary gave me hope, gave me a plan of action and addressed my issues from all angles. As a personal trainer I know that to get real results you have to treat on all levels. Mentally, physically (muscles, bone, fascia) in unison and in harmony, and that's what he does. Before seeing Dr. Leary I had to see 3 to 5 different people to get this type of treatment, which now left me pretty much broke.

I was causing more stiffness and inflammation because I was terrified of moving but Dr Leary gave me a pep talk that gave me confidence to move again. I also felt more educated as to what was going on with me which was a combination of the injury and stress combined, and what needed to be done.

He made me a nutrition plan of anti-inflammatory foods and a morning and evening fast to re-set my system. Told me to up my water intake..

I have only seen Dr Leary 3 times so far (and look forward to more). By the second session I was looking like a different person. I was moving way more and in ways I had not in a while. My energy changed and I was in tears of joy with new hope that I was going to be able to be myself again if not better.

My inflammation went considerably down and by releasing pressure in my spine through adjustments and muscle and facsia through body work and Graston my spine started to move better as things were letting go.

I am personal tranning again, and I can stand for long hours now without coming home in excruciating pain and inflamed.

I have more work to do but I am confident that if I keep to his plan and continue working with him I will be Golden and back in acro yoga.

I have hope now and look forward to exciting things in my life.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Dr Leary to anyone. He's a beautiful human being who is doing very exciting things in the world of Health and Wellness and whatever he does I wan to be a part of."


"Jonathan has really taken me to the next level in terms of understanding functional strength, flexibility and recovery. I thought I had a pretty good stretching and strength routine and that my back, shoulder and neck stiffness/soreness was just a matter of aging as I approach 50 and overdoing it playing beach volleyball and working out. But with his customized help, my back, shoulder and neck are better than ever and I can now play and work-out multiple days in a row with minimal stiffness and soreness. Jonathan has fixed my prior issues and given me great routines to take forward."


Dr. Jonathan Leary got me walking again. I was in a nasty motorbike accident that had me wheelchair bound for 3 months. If it wasn’t for his focus, diligence and optimism I would not be where I am today. He was the best rehabilitation partner who pushed me when I need to be pushed, encouraged me when I was getting frustrated and whose optimism lead me through some really low points. He’s the consummate professional. Never late, always prepared and inspires you to do the hard work you need to do. Not only is he a great doctor, he’s one of those people who are just a damn good human being who I’m very fortunate to have met.


I got to say a massive thanks to my favorite LA doctor @drjonathanleary. Always realigned, readjusted and ready for the day!


"I started working with Dr. Leary 6 months after I had my second daughter. During the pregnancy, muscle imbalances developed in my body. The lack of movement and a bulging disc built up to an extended inflammation around my lower back, a combination that led to excruciating pain. On top of this was an assisted pregnancy, and my body went through a lot. The postnatal phase added further imbalance to my hormones. Jonathan did special blood work to get to the bottom of it all, then changed my diet to fix deficiencies (a fact that also helped fight my systems inflammation), used chiropractic and manipulative treatment for the back muscles and showed me my how to exercise to improve my overall physical status. Working with Jonathan is in itself part of the healing process. Jonathan respects pain; he will patiently walk you through it, make sure you have all the support and care you need to help you thrive. And this is the beginning! He will then change the way you eat; the way you exercise, teach you how to pay attention to even the smallest details on your body. He is a rare combination of generosity and kindness. Jonathan, thank you for your help; I am glad our paths met. "


Jonathan is an absolute body healing genius! He worked wonders on both me and my husband's back and neck problems. And when I had my first child, I quickly made a trip from London to LA to work with Jonathan to help get me back in shape! He can do so much in just a few visits but I wish I could see him everyday! MWAH!


I have been swimming my entire life, but it wasn't until I met Jonathan that I learned and saw how proper nutrition and fundamental exercises positively correlated to my success. I have seen drastic results in my body, my performance and most importantly my health and I owe that all to #BODYFIX! Plus, its always a pleasure to spend time with Dr. Leary! ;)


I'm so glad my friend introduced me to Dr Jonathan Leary! He has been nothing but amazing! Not only is Jonathan extremely educated, experienced and well rounded when it comes to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle but he is also such a awesome and helpful mentor. I really feel like he listens to what my goals are, what my problem areas may be, what I want to work on and what I need help with. He knows exactly how to encourage me and support me all while showing me the proper steps I need to be taking in order to reach a better and healthier "me". Thank you Jonathan!


Having always been skeptical, Jonathan is the first chiropractor I’ve ever been too and after having a problematic neck for most of my life, one session with him, I am a believer. He fixed my neck after 45 minutes and I haven’t had a problem with it since. I feel 100% comfortable and trusting of his skills and I love that he actually takes the time explain what he’s doing and how he’s fixing things so it gives me a greater understanding of what to avoid and how to improve my every-day living. His concierge service is SO convenient. I couldn’t recommend him more!


Started up my 2nd nutrition plan with BODYFIX today... this photo was taken in the summer when I had first started (and adhered strictly) to my nutritional plan created by Jonathan Leary. If you are looking for a specialized nutritional plan to help you meet your goals for 2016 I would highly recommend contacting Jonathan at BodyFix.


I was referred to Jonathan by a friend a couple months ago because I was in the market for a nutritionist. After meeting with several specialists and paying for their services I never found the right fit. The moment I met with Jonathan, I knew he was the one. He was incredibly knowledgable and was so passionate about what he does it really gave me inspiration and motivation to better my relationship with food, my health and my body. It's been a rough transition but he follows up consistently, checking in and making sure everything is working for me. It's been very comforting to have someone so supportive on your side and wants nothing but the best for you and your well-being. After a month, I definitely see a change in my body and now I'm seeing him once a week for training as well. It's been such a pleasure to have him in my life and I can't wait to see how my body and health progress in the months to come!


Jon literally saved my ass. I met him one year ago when I had pulled a muscle due to an incorrectly performed exercise. The problem is I had tight hips, shoulders, back etc. My lifestyle and constant plane rides had created so many functional errors in my posture and mobility and it kind of looked like the point of no return. But luckily Jon's positivity and wisdom has already put in reversal all the unnecessary impediments to freer movements and led to a more pain free existence. It requires constant work and commitment to maintain the improvements but Jon's body fix treatments and methods are very easy to follow on the go. Thank you Jon :)


@dr.jonathan.leary doing magic on my foot & ankle in the comfort of my apt! I wasn't even supposed to be walking for another few weeks, and I'm already moving around with no brace or support. The mobility variance between my left and right foot isn't even much...remarkable! It's amazing how the mind can heal the body especially when combined with a knowledgeable, passionate doctor #bodyfix #la #socal#heliski #ski


Dr. Leary, I have to let you know how you’ve changed my life!... I’ve lived with chronic pain in my neck and shoulders for almost ten years. I never found a solid solution that lasted, you have done this, and now I live practically PAIN FREE!! Additionally, analyzing my blood work, changing my diet and teaching me to eat differently has been wonderful, and now I don’t have stomach issues. You have become a friend, and a very dear person to me! I can’t thank you enough for your work and dedication to me… THANK YOU!


Jonathan, I will forever be grateful to you. Before I was referred your way, I battled with health issues on and off for 4 years. I had thyroid, digestive, hormone issues and others that made me gain weight, gave me brain fog, stomach aches, and low energy. This was particularly confusing and stressful because I was already conscious of what I ate and extremely active. I went to see somewhere between 5-10 doctors from different specialties over that time period, and never got the answers I was hoping for. What was the root cause of this? How were these symptoms connected? How could I fix it? While sitting down with you to discuss my blood panel and nutrition program, you gave me those answers in such a simple way, and for the first time in years, I felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel. Not only are you the most knowledgable person I’ve ever met in this field, you also make me feel like I'm the only client you have. You go above and beyond to respond to every question I shoot your way with depth, passion, and patience. As someone who has tried many different training and nutrition protocols, it is a breath of fresh air to find someone I can put my complete faith and trust in. I know 100% that what you recommend me to do will work. So often I've noticed, nutritionists ride the wave of the current fad, regardless of what the science says. And it's not uncommon for them to recommend a myriad of supplements for you to use indefinitely. Not you. In fact, you’ve helped me reduce what supplements I take daily! Not only have you given me answers to my nutrition questions, you’ve given me the tools to answer them myself. If I lose my way, I know you’re just a text or call away to get me back on track. My body feels better than it ever has. I am getting stronger, more flexible, and healthier by the day. The cherry on top- I feel like I’ve met a lifelong friend!!


Dr. Leary I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I honestly thought I would never find a way to alleviate my chronic shoulder and hip pain. Prior to us meeting I could barely walk, I had a constant limp, and the range of motion in my shoulder was horrible. I had trouble doing the smallest things; I thought I’d never be able to take my dog for a walk or be able to travel without having to worry about being in pain. However, after a year of chiropractic work and your physical therapy, I am finally able to do everything I want to do without experiencing any pain. It has been an amazing year working with you and I look forward to many more years to come!


Jon is the ultimate professional who lives and loves the Bodyfix brand. A 1st class operation that should absolutely be experienced. Bodyfix is a breath of fresh air in the Chiropractic industry and I can see why they are getting such amazing reviews. I'll definitely be back.


Jon is amazing. As a fully trained chiropractor, physical trainer, and nutritionist, he has one of the most comprehensive skill sets I've ever seen when it comes to assessing your body, pinpointing areas of improvement, and helping you reach the highest level of fitness. Even those who lead relatively healthy lifestyles can benefit immensely from his unique brand of customized training, that specializes in correcting many of the common misconceptions surrounding biomechanics and injury prevention. Doctor-designed programs are the future of wellness and Body-Fix is leading the charge.


Simply put... it just doesn't get any better with this. Jon Leary understands the value of the individual. When you pay someone to develop a program for you, sometimes, I've found, people give you a cookie cutter template and just fill in the basics and don't mold the plan around your SPECIFIC goals. Not Jon & Bodyfix. The guy just absolutely gets it. The depth of his questionnaire and personal interest in my goals made me think I was the only client he had. He devotes every ounce of time and energy into creating something so original, so creative, so EFFECTIVE, that you will never, ever be bored. He consistently checked in on my progress, ensuring that he was doing everything he could to make sure that the client is on track, enjoying the process and workouts, eating what they're supposed to and working towards the goal. He INVESTS in his clients and it shows. The workouts themselves absolutely kicked my ass in the best way possible. They attacked my strength, size, flexibility and pushed me to be better This company facilitates a positive lifestyle change. It's not about "diets" or easy fixes. You put the work in, and you get amazing results. No games, just hard work and a program that actually works. I'll say it again: it just doesn't get any better than this. Thank you, Jon!


In just a few short months, you’ll be excited with what you’ve achieved! If you stay engaged and complete the program, and are not happy — we’ll refund your investment. We take out all of the risk.

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